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About All Inc

All Inc is a registered charity run by parents and volunteers. Members pay  a monthly subscription to cover essential running costs and we rely on grants, sponsorship and fundraising to renew vital but expensive trampoline equipment.

If you would like to offer your support in any capacity we would be delighted to hear from you 

All Inc Trampolining is a parent-led club running inclusive trampoline sessions for children and adults with disabilities/additional needs.
We are affiliated to British Gymnastics and sessions are led by qualified coaches supported by volunteers.

Sport participation among disabled people is around 25% lower than among the population as a whole. Opportunities to take part are harder to find and often more expensive. We aim to make our sport accessible and affordable for all and to give all participants and their families the chance to feel successful.

We advocate tolerance of differences and the celebration of individual achievement. Through the club's activities, our members progress in skills such as turn-taking, communicating and supporting each other as well as the more obvious physical benefits of engaging in sport.

For parents and carers, All Inc is a place to share our experience, concerns and the challenges of caring in an understanding and mutually supportive environment.

We run three 45 minute sessions on Saturdays during school term-time.

Although there is some overlap, the sessions are approximately arranged by age group


09.45 am: This session is intended for our youngest members

10.40 am: Typically, this session will be for older primary school children & young teens

11.35 am: This session is aimed at older teenagers and adults

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